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Dean/Castiel Big Bang

We're making it up as we go.

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Dean/Castiel Big Bang - Fic Challenge

The deancasbigbang is a slash/gen fic challenge with accompanying artwork centering around a romantic or a general strong friendship between Dean/Castiel or Jensen/Misha.

The goal is to achieve at least 10k-20k per fic, depending on the track you've applied for.

Track, you say? What does that mean? It means there are two sides to the same challenge:

Mini-Bang (where your goal is to write a minimum of 10,000 words)

Big-Bang (where your goal is to write a minimum of 20,000 words).

The idea is to limit the fear / stress factor by allowing authors to choose a smaller writing goal while encouraging them to write more and be upgraded into the Big-Bang track.

April 1: Writer and artist sign ups

May 1: Writer sign-ups closed

July 1: Check-in

July 15: Upgrade/Downgrade option

Aug 15: Drafts due

Aug 16: Artist sign-ups closed

Aug 17: Summaries posted for artists to peruse (Comments locked)

Aug 18: Art claims

Aug 22: Claims masterpost

Aug 29: Posting schedule masterpost

Sept 1: Pinch hit artist sign ups

Sept 15: Artist check-in

Sept 29: Art due

Oct 1: Posting begins and runs through November

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